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5 Most Common Mistakes Managers Make When Conducting Job Interviews

Are you new to the recruiting process or a seasoned professional? This post will be valuable to you regardless of where you fall on the spectrum. That’s because everybody can use a refresher on the most common mistakes when conducting job interviews — especially experienced people who tend to fall into bad habits.

This video from Business Management Daily provides only five common mistakes, but they’re crucial to remember.  It’s less than 4 minutes long, so you can take it in quickly but we’ll admit, it’s kind of boring. Below is a quick summary and if you want more information, just hit the play button in the video below.

Top 5 Interview Mistakes

  1. Talking too much
  2. Failing to prepare
  3. Asking questions off the cuff
  4. Not knowing your legal limits
  5. Becoming blinded by personal preferences

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