Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Recruiter: The fastest, most cost-efficient way to find the best IT and Finance/Accounting applicants locally or across Canada.

These are questions we get asked frequently about our online recruitment service. If you have any other questions, want more information or need any other assistance, simply call a Virtual Recruiter Representative toll-free at 1-800-281-2339, ext. 3247.

Why would I use this service?
Virtual Recruiter brings high-quality Canadian applicants to your job openings while significantly reducing the time and money you usually spend recruiting top talent, whether it be internally, with top job boards or full service employment agencies. Further, Virtual Recruiter is incredibly easy to use!

How much does Virtual Recruiter cost?
A 15 or 30 day online job listing is just $595 – choose the length of time that fits your requirement. A 60 day job posting is $649 and includes two resume screening periods and one refresh in our job posting network.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. If you don’t receive quality resumes at the end of the online job posting period, we’ll repost your job opening at no additional charge.

How quickly will my job be posted?
Although we often post your job listing across the web as soon as you submit the information, we guarantee it will be posted within 24 hours.

How quickly will I get sorted and reviewed resumes returned to me?
We guarantee that you will receive a list of qualified applicants within 48 hours of the closing date and time of your job posting.

How will Eagle screen and short-list the top applicants from my posting?
Using the criteria you provide, a senior Eagle recruiter (who typically works on full-service employment agency roles) will manually screen your applicants’ resumes with the same care and diligence that we use to screen all Eagle candidates.

Do I get to see ALL the resumes of applicants who responded to my posting?
Absolutely! In addition to our list of top applicants, you will get every resume we receive for your records.

Who will see my job posting?
Jobs posted with Virtual Recruiter are viewed by thousands of applicants across Canada. Eagle’s job board alone is visited by hundreds of high-quality Canadian IT, Finance and Accounting, and other senior professionals every day. Factor in the major job boards, niche job boards, job aggregators, search engines and social networks, and you can be confident your online job posting will get plenty of attention by all the right people.

How do I edit or remove my job posting from the web?
Contact a Virtual Recruiter Representative by completing the contact form, sending us an email or by calling 1-800-281-2339, ext. 3247, toll-free and we will take care of this for you immediately.

Will an Eagle salesperson try to sell me staffing services?
No. We recognize and respect that some customers prefer alternative job posting tools, rather than recruitment agencies. We’ve built this tool and screening service using years of industry experience as a powerful means to help you get what you want and need — a great resource for busy business owners, hiring managers and Human Resource professionals.

How do I get started?
Simply select a job posting package and submit the details of your job opening. You will be re-directed to a secure, third party site where you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. We’ll do the rest!

What if I plan to post a lot of jobs. Do you offer volume pricing and invoicing?
We sure do! Please contact us so we can discuss a job posting package that suits your business’s hiring needs.

More questions?
Contact a Virtual Recruiter Representative by completing the contact form, sending us an email or by calling 1-800-281-2339, ext. 3247, toll-free.

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